Apostle Sydney Quaye

Creative Prophecy

March 23, 2020

Preached by Apostle Sydney Quaye, Head Pastor of Shekinah Avenue.

Using Numbers 11:25, Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17-18 Apostle Sydney Quaye teaches that it is God’s desire that all men prophesy. Therefore, in these last days, he has given us the ability to prophesy through His Holy Spirit. The gift of prophecy is a vocal gift that empowers a man to be able to take a hold of the future. Every child of God has been enabled by God to prophesy. Indeed, you are a prophet over your own life.

Using the creative prophecy received from God, you can change anything in your life that you do not like. Thereby, creating things using your mouth.
It is worth noting, as thought by Apostle, that there are a lot of things in time including the devil.
Creation goes with time. It has the ability to cause the unseen to manifest.

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