Apostle Sydney Quaye

Christian Essentials - Worship and Praise

July 26, 2021

Preached by Apostle Sydney Quaye, Global Lead Pastor of Shekinah Avenue Church.

There are essential things Christians should develop as a lifestyle: These Christian essentials are revelations, attitudes, principles, instructions, and commitments that must be understood and practiced by all until it becomes a lifestyle.

Did you know that true worship centres on God’s ultimate relationship with man - in that God the Father seeks true worshippers who will worship him in truth and in the spirit?

In this message, we will learn that praise is not a prelude to the sermon of the day but our laudation, confession, and a boast that centres on what God has done and is doing.

This and many more will be explained further: what worship and praise are about in the context of New Testament.

Be blessed as you listen.

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